Midwest South District

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Who We Are

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!!!

What a blessing, to serve again as Presiding Elder of the Midwest South District. Sister Jackson and I look forward to the challenges of the unexpected as we begin our new responsibilities. Let me thank you for the great work you did last Conference year; and now thank you in advance, Pastors, Officers and Members of each charge, for your commitment to God, and to your local church, wanting to do your best with the gifts and talents, God has Blessed you with, moving into this new Conference year.

As we look back on days past, let us be grateful for God giving us another chance to go higher in His will, to make the world a better place for all of us. What was done yesterday is done, so now we are off to a new start, our goal is to save souls, making Disciples for Christ.

The best example of doing this, is we, Saints, must lead by example. As Christians, we cannot be content or happy until we have done our very best.

Let us go forward by looking up, remembering that our help comes from Him.

Servantly yours,

Rev. Roger D. Jackson
Presiding Elder

Midwest South District Officers

Rev. Viola Jones - Administration Assistant

Mrs. Helen S. Jackson - Chief Financial Accountant

Rev. Bridget Mitchell - Secretary

Rev. Stacy Evans - Director of Christian Education

Rev. Dr. V. Gordon Glenn, III - Webmaster

District Finance Committee:
Pastors Viola Jones, Steven Cousin, Pamela M. Hughes Mason, Gordon Glenn &  Stacy Evans